Excel Orders Control: Product


Excel Orders Control

- Your crypto currency portfolio is always in front of your eyes.

- Automation of interaction with the exchange BITTREX through the API and clearly showing the status of all orders.

- Calculation of stop-loss and multiple levels of take profit automatic sent to the stock exchange at the touch of a button.

SYSTEM: Autotrading


- Simultaneous control of stop loss and take profit take on a given pair without blocking the deposit on the exchange

- Trailing. The movement of stop-loss and take-profit after the market, if it went above expectations.

- Automatic Search point for entering the market and automatic purchase + sale

- Calculation of the effective value of the Asset taking into account the available volume of the Asset and the depth of the glass

- Urgent purchase / sell by specified parameters

- Night "catching" of the Asset at a good price (below the Bollinger Boundary on a given timeframe).

- Control of your purchased earlier Asset with  StopLoss and TakeProfit with the possibility of trailing

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PDF Инструкция

1. Before downloading, be sure to read the PDF INSTRUCTION.

2. Choose the version that suits you for the operation. (see item 1 of the Instruction)

3. Run the file and follow the instructions to activate the product.

4. Contacts for communication with the Author of the project: eoc@z42.ru in the subject of the message, be sure to use the word EXOROL for filtering from spam.

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