Excel Orders Control: affiliate program


Excel Orders Control

Earn up to 20% from each payment.

Партнерская программа


1. Engage the audience on our website and tell everyone about the Product using your Coupon

2. Full name of the Product: Excel Orders Control. Short name: Exorol

3. Benefits for customers: by coupon, the user receives an additional free month of operation when paying for the License. So 1 month = 2 months, 3 months = 4 months, etc.

4. The benefit of the Partner from the application of the Coupon is the unique and exact fixing of the Partner.

5. Customers pay for our product in BTC, so Payments to Partners are also made in BTC. There is an accurate calculation of all transactions made with your coupon and Commission mentioned above paid to your wallet.

6. Payments are made not earlier than 10 days after receipt of payments with your Coupon. This time is given to users for the successful launch and testing of our product and the returns are taken into account

7. The fee for the transfer through the Blockchain system is covered from the Commission.

8. In order to obtain a COUPON, it is necessary to present your channel / project and describe the benefits of cooperation with you.

9. Comission can be eraned for full priced products, and is not applied for the author's periodical and ongoing sales.

10. Contacts for communication with the Author of the project: eoc@z42.ru , Telegram: @selestasvz . In the subject line of the message, be sure to use the word "EXOROL" to filter out spam.

Registered partners: