Excel Orders Control: Startup questions


at the start of the table processor

If you do not download the file or when the message appears that the file is suspicious and may contain a virus.

This is due to the lack of a digital signature of the file.

In future, this issue will be resolved, but for now, we offer such a solution, if you could not launch the application yourself:

1. Go to the site http://www.site2unblock.com/win-updates-disabler/ and download the portable version Win Updates Disabler

Direct download link - http://www.site2unblock.com/download/win-updates-disabler-portable.zip

2. Run the program on behalf of the administrator, depending on the version of your operating system.

3. Put the checkboxes to disable the "security center" and disable the "defender windows"

4. Click "Apply Now" and reboot the computer.

Popup windows

It is noticed that this error occurs only for users in versions of Windows 10

If you have pop-up windows about errors, you need to turn on the system .NET Framework 3.5 instead 4.5

It's easy to do by pressing three buttons: